Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where Hadoop Fits in

Where Hadoop Fits in
By Suvradeep Rudra

Why Hadoop ?
•Overcome traditional limitation of storage and compute.
•Leverage commodity hardware as inexpensive platform.
•Ease of Linear Scalability.
•Open Source Software

Big Data Values – For Innovation and Productivity

•Can unlock significant value by making information transparent and usable at much higher frequency
•Companies are using data collection and analysis to conduct controlled experiments to make better management decisions
•Organizations create and store more transactional data in digital form, they can collect more accurate and detailed performance information on everything from product inventories to sick days, and therefore expose variability and boost performance.
• Big data allows ever-narrower segmentation of customers and therefore much more precisely tailored products or services
•Big data can be used to improve the development of the next generation of products and services. (preventive measures that take place before a failure occurs or is even noticed).

Big Data - Challenges
•Policies related to privacy, security, intellectual property, and even liability will need to be addressed in a big data world
•Need for right talent and technology in place but also structure workflows and incentives to optimize the use of big data.
•Access to data is critical— challenges will be to integrate information from multiple data sources, often from third parties, and the incentives.
•Shortage of talent necessary for organizations to take advantage of big data

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